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our mission

At Damgo, we aim to explore innovation and encourage the creation of contemporary, eco-conscious and ethically made Philippine textiles and products. Everything we do is done to give local craftspeople an opportunity to flourish and thrive in their craft, while lessening their negative impact on the environment. 

What does this mean?

A sustained livelihood for local craftspeople. We provide them with opportunities to be creative and experimental with design and techniques, while giving them a platform to sell their designs – leading to a better economy

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Less waste for the planet. We choose only to upcycle old fibres, or use new, natural-fibre yarn sourced from eco-conscious manufacturers, leading to a healthier environment for us and everyone that will come after us.

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At Damgo, we design with the planet’s welfare in mind. Here, we create quality products that are made to last, and ensure that nothing goes to waste. Our high-value textiles and products upcycle discarded materials, instead of allowing them to end up in landfills. ​If we source new yarn and textiles, we ensure that they are made out of 100% biodegradable natural fibres. This means that the products can safely return and nourish the earth at the end of its life.

WE BELIEVE IN localism

At Damgo, we believe that our nation’s prosperity can come from the resources we already have. Our fabrics are woven by talented local artisans from Cebu, Philippines. We give them the space to explore their creativity, develop their skills, and allow them to independently create original designs that contribute to a flourishing regional textile community. When possible, we use materials that are locally sourced and manufactured, and are made out of natural fibres like our local-grown Abaca.

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WE BELIEVE IN innovation by design

The community of weavers we collaborate with in Argao, Cebu create textiles on traditional Visayan looms. The tradition of handloom weaving has been passed on to them by their ancestors and it has become a source of livelihood for a number of women in this community. 


Damgo has made it its mission to support these weavers in developing their design skills so they can create innovative products that represent who they are and allow them to become more competitive in the market. We introduce textile design ideas, weaving techniques, production strategies and consumer insights that they can explore to create their own textiles. We also facilitate workshops on topics such as developing mood boards, reading weaving drafts and creating woven textile patterns. We believe that this is one way we can support the independence of these artisans and contribute to their goal of making weaving a sustainable source of livelihood. 

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